Colorado 2018

This year I’m going to keep my wheels in Colorado. But Kevin is going to hop on a plane and fly into Colorado and Jim is going to hop onto his brand new Harley and ride in from Pennsylvania.

The last time the three of us rode together, is when I met Kevin and Jim in Yukon Territory, Canada, when Kevin ran out of gas. Then just by chance, I ran into Kevin and Jim the following day in Tok, Alaska, where we spent the whole day riding to Fairbanks together. At the end of that day, Kevin made the mistake of inviting me to Ireland. I took him up on that offer and the following year we were touring Ireland. (Click on the Ireland tab to read about that beautiful ride)

While Kevin and I were sightseeing in Ireland, Jim was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident with a semi truck back in the states. He spent many months recovering from his injuries. He’s one tough guy.

The following year, I found myself back in Ireland at Kevin’s house and we were back on the road riding to the North Cape in Norway. (Click on the Norway tab to read about that amazing trip)

This year the three of us are hooked back up and I get to host Kevin and Jim with nine days of as much of the Colorado Rockies as we can possibly absorb. We’ll be visiting some places even I’ve never seen before in Colorado. After that, Jim has to head back to Pennsylvania and Kevin and I will get back on the road and tour more of Colorado and Utah.  In preparation for this and future trips, Kevin purchased a bike for U.S. touring, which is now happily residing in my garage.

We’ll start our Colorado tour on June 7th, 2018. I hope you enjoy following along!