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My name is Terry Durant. I live just outside of Denver, Colorado (USA), in the shadows of the beautiful, Colorado Rocky Mountains. I've lived here all my life...not counting a  short time in England, where my mom is from.

Unlike some of the more successful YouTubers out there, I didn't "quit my job" and start traveling the world on a motorcycle. I'm still working. I just can't seem to figure out how else I'm gonna' pay for this expensive hobby of ridin' around the world on a motorcycle!

For me, it all started back in 1972, when I bought a used Suzuki 185. I stripped off the headlight, tail light, mirrors, anything that didn't need to be on it and rode it on every patch of dirt I could possibly find. I rode it every chance I could. I just couldn't stay off that bike. 

Thinking back on how many times I crashed in those days...I obviously had a hard time staying on the bike too! But I was hooked.

IMG_4144 (2).JPG

Then life got in the way... rodeo (bull riding)... some girlfriends... I joined a band... some partying... a sports car... a job... responsibilities... you know how it is...motorcycling just kind of slowly faded away.

Although I still occasionally rode other friends and acquaintances motorcycles over the years, around 2010 I got the itch again and decided I'd let a combination of the pavement, backroads and forest roads lead me to some amazing places. That's the reason I chose the world of adventure motorcycles. In 2012, I threw a video camera in the mix of things...and here we are today. I only wish I'd started riding again sooner.


In conclusion...I'm still riding a Suzuki...and I didn't realize this until I dug up that old picture of me above...but I'm also still wearing a yellow helmet!

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