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Off My Bike Adventures


Occasionally I go out on adventures that don't involve my motorcycle. Problem is, they never used to involve a camera either. I thought I would start filming some of these excursions and drop them on YouTube and my website just incase some of you might be interested.

This is my first video on four wheels instead of two. Me, my brother Gary and friend Joe, went out on a trip in The Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Day 1, a gentle road through Phantom Canyon (once a narrow gauge railroad). Day 2, a rocky 4WD road to Hermit Lake in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Even though it's on 4 wheels and not 2, I think you'll still enjoy it.

A short "Time Warp" drive from my home near Denver, to my cabin near Westcliffe. The Sangre de Cristo mountains in the Wet Valley are beautiful when they're covered with fresh snow.
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