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This is a collection of informational videos and videos of short and more local trips. 

First in a three part series of how I prepared for the Alaska trip. In this episode I cover purchasing my bike, what modifications I made to it before the trip and some of the gadgets I took with me.

In this episode I cover the riding gear that I wore, then I go over everything that I changed after the trip and why. Then I dive into the route I took from Denver to The Arctic Circle and back.

In this final episode, I finish up the planning segment including, weather, road conditions, fuel stops and people along the way. Then I go over the way I set up my cameras on the bike and how I filmed it.

This ride (back in 2013) was an attempt at reaching the ghost town of Summitville in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. We didn't make it as you'll see in the video. But I fell in love with the area and have returned many times.

The following year (2014) I returned to the San Juan Mountains on my new 2014 V Strom, determined to reach Summitville this time. This trip also made me realize that I still loved this area and returned again in 2018.

It was time to upgrade the bike that Kevin rides when he's here and also have a bike available for Erik (from The Netherlands) to ride when he's here, making a bike available for me to ride when I go to Europe.

See - "Another Bike Joins The Family" Under - MY BIKES.

Since Erik from The Netherlands (Nederland) trip out here got canceled due to Covid 19 this year (2020), I took a quick ride to the small Colorado mountain town of Nederland, about 45 minutes from my house to get a selfie to send him.

An interesting little fact about Nederland, Colorado - Not only is it home to Caribou Ranch Recording Studios where a countless number of famous stars recorded their albums such as - Elton John, Chicago, Deep Purple, John Lennon, U2 and many others, it's also home to the "Frozen Dead Guy" ! click the link, it's a funny and interesting story. Nederland also has a yearly festival called - "Frozen Dead Guy Days".

Here are a few videos I did for Catalina, a young friend of mine. Please take a few minutes to watch the short videos. I think you'll find them entertaining and maybe a little educational. She would really appreciate the views to help build her YouTube channel. 

"Thank you for watching" - Catalina.

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