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In 2019, it was time for me and Jim to get together and do a trip, along with Jim's son-in-law Mark and Mark's buddy Chuck. On the first day, the weather was great, but a strong cold front rolled in the next day and the temperatures plunged. But in my mind it gave the Tetons and Yellowstone a calm and serene look and feel. It was another one of those trips that made me feel like I was riding in a dream...I really enjoyed this ride!

Jim, Mark and Chuck travel south from Tennessee into New Orleans, across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and into Colorado to pick me up. Then we begin our ride north to Rock Springs, Wyoming in perfect 83 degree riding weather. The following day as the weather begins to turn, we ride through Jackson Hole and stay just north of the Tetons.

We begin our cold, wet and somewhat snowy ride 35 miles south of the Yellowstone entrance, riding through Grand Teton NP, then into Yellowstone NP., where we had a fantastic ride. We ended the day at Pahaska Tepee, just 3 miles outside of the West entrance.

The morning greeted us with some light snow as Jim, Mark and Chuck headed east from Pahaska Tepee and I headed south, back to Denver. The ride was cold and wet, but again, was still beautiful as the clouds covered the landscape.

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